I've chosen to self publish for a number of reasons.   I'm not settled anywhere and need to work at this hobby while on the move.  It's difficult for me to submit manuscripts to publishers, pick up rejection skips perhaps a year later and then resubmit to someone else.

Also, my books are a hobby, not a business.  I am very attracted by the new print-on-demand methods of publishing which minimizes waste, and also the ebook industry which eliminates paper altogether.  I can have full control of my work this way.

Although I am a perfectionist and need to edit continually, I am also blessed to have many friends with editing gifts, who are willing to proofread my manuscripts and offer welcome advice.

My publisher name is: "Two Small Fishes".   This reflects acknowledgment of God's power in my life, in spite of my own inabilities.  He has the ability to make something big out of something small.  I haven't incorporated as this is a very small operation, but so far I am pleased with the goals God and I have achieved together.

I can recommend two companies thus far, for their ease of operation and their quality.  Createspace is the company I use for my print books in North America, and Smashwords is the company I use to publish ebooks.  Ebooks are a rising force in the publishing world, and it is worth taking this medium seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.  I hope you enjoy it!


Judy MacDonnell

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